Our Story

Mid Century Men continues a proud tradition of respect for old world craftsmanship that began a lifetime and a continent away when Maria's family opened a leather goods factory in Athens, Greece in 1936. Today in Burbank, CA, the hardworking staff dedicates the same meticulous care and heartfelt reverence for handcrafting and the highest standards of quality in every handbag they manufacture.

Designer Maria Argyropoulos draws inspiration from the Mid Century scouring from vintage stores in the U.S. to find just the right suits to convey her classic yet modern, sophisticated yet edgy sense of style. Being raised by “Baby Boomer” parents gave Maria the hard working ethics, inspiration, and tenacity. The ideas are always flowing and the constant communication with the staff is always inspiring, making it effortless to bring the ideas to fruition. With this dedication, we bring the Mid Century Men to life. Not only is the collection relevant, eco-friendly, unique, up-cycled and repurposed but we celebrate this amazing culture and generation that the world has seen. “I wanted to celebrate those men who really made this time in America and all over the globe extremely special. The Artists, Musicians, Engineers, Astronauts, Teachers, Businessmen, Scientists and Doctors all need to be celebrated for what they had accomplished. They did all of this with "style and elegance”. This is how Mid Century Men came about. Be unique, embrace the past, and have fun wearing a piece of history knowing that it is a one of a kind. Celebrate the legacy of the Mid Century Man and create your own legacy for the 21st Century with the MCM Collection from m.andonìa. 

Custom work starts at $600 and up - Allow 4-6 weeks lead time.

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